Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Local Designers

We are attending Main Line Fashion Week's first Runway show tonight, should be fun. There are many local designers in this area and we are discovering new ones every week. This week we fell in love with Mack and Jane Jewelry. They were included in the Swag Bags at the Oscars so be on the lookout for the celebs showing off their Mack and Jane bracelets. They can be found locally at Tish, Coco Blu and Dragonfly Decor.

Tonight we will see Sorella on the Runway. Sorella has beautiful gowns for proms, weddings and black tie events as well as dresses from Laundrea, a local designer. Laundrea dresses are made for the working woman, wash and wear, comfortable and ready to go. Laundrea is available at Coco Blu in Wayne as well. We are looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful clothing tonight from Nich, Imbue, Posh Collections, Revivals Boutique and more. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Elizabeth Tucker - Shopping from the Designer's POV

Elizabeth Tucker is the creator and designer of eye-pocket.com a great product for anyone with a cell phone, and that's everyone!

Now that I live in a world thinking often about what drives shoppers to make a purchase, it has really changed my own perspective on shopping. It used to just be about browsing shops, via the internet or brick & mortar, waiting for something new to catch my eye. Whether it be an impulse purchase, or something for which I am truly on the hunt, it was pretty simple. I like something, the price seems fair, I buy it. Now that I am on the other side, designing and manufacturing products to sell to the world, it’s way more complicated. All sort of questions cross my mind. Where did this come from? Who may have designed it? How good it the quality, really? What is driving me to purchase it; do I really like it, or has someone else said THEY like it, therefore it MUST be worthy of my sale.
Ilove my Eye-Pockets. I created them, have put my blood, sweat & tears into the venture. I want everyone to feel the same way. I know that’s not reasonable. Nothing is for everyone, and that’s OK. But, there are some aspects I can control, to which I have a responsibility to uphold high standards. The quality must be good. If I am asking buyer to spend their hard-earned money, they deserve a quality product. I must use every bit of my artistic and fashion sense to offer designs that will appeal to the greatest number of people. I have to make buying easy. Offer in lots of stores, functional website, exceptional customer service, etc. I listen to my customers. They have lots of great ideas and constructive criticism!
Who knew shopping could get so complicated? I have a HUGE appreciation for the thousands of designers creating fashion for us all. Every one of them is putting themselves out there for all to see. It’s a very vulnerable thing to do. So, now when I shop, I am way more aware of things like quality of construction, effort put in to marketing, the person behind the product. I expect a lot, but I also totally appreciate a job well done.